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How to apply:

Here is all the info you need regarding the dkp system and ranks.

Raid days
  • Wednesday 19.00 - 23.00 (server time)
  • Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 (server time)

Invites start at: 18:45
ZG buff at 19:00
Ony/Nef head buff after.

Put your HS in kargath Cenarion Hold

There are 5 ranks.
  • Officer
  • Class leader
  • Raider
  • Member
  • Trial
Officers and class leaders counts as the same rank as the highest ranked non officer member in the guild. If the highest ranked non officer is member rank, all officers and class leaders counts as member.

Some ranks have priority on loot and they are as follows:

Main spec: Raider = Member > Trial

Off spec: Raider > Member > Trial

  • Raider OS = Trial MS
  • Member MS > Raider OS
  • Trial MS > Member OS
You are expected to have at least an average of 70% attendance in raids.

DKP is given for each boss kill, pr hour and for signing and showing up for the raid. (Sing ups close 24hrs before the raid starts). Progress kills also award bonus DKP.

  • For showing up (signed with DM buffs and is online when invites go out 18.30-18.40): 5 DKP
  • Per boss: 5 DKP (100% bonus on progress kills)
  • Per time: 5 DKP
Bids starts at minimum 20 DKP in BWL, 30 in AQ40

You cannot go into minus DKP.

Each item is in a category and each category has a price.

There is no longer a max bid.
In Molten Core og Onyxia max item price is as follows:

  • Weapon - max 200dkp
  • Off-set - max 150dkp
  • T2 - max 150dkp
  • T1 - max 100dkp
In Blackwing Lair the max price on items is as follows:

  • Weapon - max 250dkp
  • Off-set - max 200dkp
  • T2 - max 150dkp
Off-set is things like rings, trinkets, neck and non tier armor.

Weapon includes shields, off-hands, wands, idols, totems og bow/xbow/gun for both tanks and dps.

We also have hidden bid meaning you only bid once and the bid is written in whisper to the master looter.

The command for bidding is:
  • !bid <amount> <comment>
  • /w larona !bid 50 os
If two or more people bid the same for an item, the person with the most total dkp wins the item. If two or more people have the same total dkp, a roll will decide who gets the item.

There is also dkp decay each week. The decay is 20% 40% of the max possible dkp you can gain during that ID, and the decay will happen at the end of each ID.

If you are in reserve (benched) you will get the same dkp as people in the raid. but there are certain requirements. You have to be on TS and able you jump into the raid if required. You can play an alt as long as you main is logged out outside the instance. If you need to afk, notify a officer or your class leader. Also you need to tell your class leader in-game.

In order to bench leave a comment in the bench post for the the event on the calendar. Also type during which bosses you were benched. The bench command is an old feature and not working properly.

If you are not available when needed, you lose the bench dkp you gained so far that raid.

Here you can see your dkp

Boss debuffs
Non allowed debuffs are:
  • Serpent Sting
  • Hunters Mark
  • Siphon Life
  • Curse of Agony
  • Rupture
  • Garrote
  • Rend
  • Wound Poison
  • Expose Armor
  • Insect Swarm
  • Demoralizing Shout / Thunderclap (unless raidleader calls for it to be used)
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